Molly Can't Wait for Christmas Dinner

Molly Can't Wait for Christmas Dinner

Although Molly is trying to slim down along with Mike for their general welfare, there's nothing like a holiday meal to offset the progress she's made.

On the upcoming episode of Mike & Molly, the titular character played by Melissa McCarthy begins watering at the mouth when smelling the Christmas Eve dinner that her mother-in-law made.

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Molly pushes for everyone to take a seat at the dinner table so she can delve into the delicious meal that Mike's mother made for the group; however, Mike's mother commands the group to go to Christmas Eve Mass before indulging in the holiday meal.

To her dismay, Molly's suggestion to babysit the honey baked ham while the rest of them go to Mass is shot down by Mike's mother, who insists that she come along with them.

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Molly isn't the only one who becomes frustrated in the holiday-themed episode, as Mike can't shake his aggravation with his wife for her excessive Christmas spending and bitterly lectures children on finances while dressed up as Santa.

Watch the video above for a sneak peek and check out the full episode of Mike & Molly tonight at 8:30 p.m. on CBS.