Behind Larry Hagman's Posthumous TV Appearance


As the late Larry Hagman's legacy continues to live on through Dallas, we are given a look at the actor as jolly as ever a few months before his passing on the upcoming hidden-camera special I Get That a Lot. ET gives you a behind-the-scenes look at Hagman's segment on the show.

I Get That a Lot
positions celebrities in ordinary jobs with the intention of convincing everyday civilians that they aren't the celebrity that they perceive them to be. Hagman's segment took place in a Costco warehouse in Santa Clarita, Calif., where he posed as a food samples server.

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Larry Hagman's Final Public Appearance

"We have two worries when we do the show. One is that everybody will recognize them and the other is that nobody will recognize them," executive producer Eric Schotz said. "[Larry] was the perfect fill. We had the perfect amount of people that knew him."

Hagman passed away in November from health complications from acute myeloid leukemia while filming the second season of the continuation series of Dallas that premiered last summer.

Known for his on- and off-screen charm, the I Dream of Jeannie star put his signature eyebrow movements to work to throw off the curious customers.

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"He went to the eyebrow thing, which worked both ways 'cause he overdid it so that people actually thought he was trying to imitate himself and at the same time," Schotz said. "...Some people locked into it and wouldn't let go and [with] other people he would go, 'Here--try the barbecue sauce,' and they're like 'O.K.'"

Schotz attests to Hagman's charm by revealing that the Dallas actor did his own shopping at Costco after the shoot was over and insisted on receiving no special treatment as a celebrity.

Watch the video above for a sneak peek at the late Hagman's appearance on I Get That a Lot, which will air in its entirety on Wednesday at 8 p.m. on CBS.