Meet the New Contestants of 'The Amazing Race'


Meet the 11 new teams that will be competing on the 22nd installment of The Amazing Race, premiering Sunday, February 17 at 8/7c on CBS.

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First up is the young, athletic couple, John and Jessica, from Huntington Beach, California, who have been dating for four years. These two lovebirds only considered joining the program after a little prodding from friends.

Jessica made her case for why they stand a chance to win The Amazing Race, listing their wide range of interests -- from scuba diving to rock climbing.

"We're always kind of looking for the next adrenaline rush," said Jessica, who proudly views herself and her boyfriend as risk takers. "I think that the main focus is that we'll never give up."

The rest of the cast includes father and son David and Connor from Salt Lake City, Utah; best friends Pamela and Winnie from Los Angeles; firefighters Matthew and Daniel from Gaffney, South Carolina; married couple Chuck and Wynona from Daphne, Alabama; brothers Idries and Jamil from Ottawa, Illinois; best friends Joey and Meghan from Los Angeles; roller derby girls Mona and Beth from Colorado; newlyweds Max and Katie from Buffalo, New York; brothers Bates and Anthony from Raleigh, North Carolina; former band mates Caroline and Jen from Austin, Texas and Nashville, Tennessee, respectively.

Check out their videos below.