Allison Williams Impersonates Dad Brian Williams

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Allison Williams admits that when your dad is NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams, the man who knows "a lot about a lot," it's hard to tell him anything he doesn't already know. But as his daughter, the Girls star shares with Jimmy Kimmel some inside embarrassing information about the news man and does an impression of her father reading her obituary. It's not as eerie as it sounds!

"I have never once in my entire life broken something down for my dad," Allison said on Wednesday night's Jimmy Kimmel Live! "He's been eight months ahead of me music-wise forever."

In fact, it was her 53-year-old father that first introduced her to Hanson when the brother band was coming up. "Let's just put that out there. He was a fan of Hanson," she revealed.

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When asked about her dad's reporting, the actress did admit that she wonders how he'd read her obit if ever she were to die. Of how he would announce the death on Nightly News, she joked, "And then he would pause and just sort of look down and say, 'She will be missed. We'll be right back with more news on how you can save on your hard medication.'"

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The laughs didn't stop there! Check out Allison and Jimmy's impersonation of royal couple Kate Middleton and Prince William: