'Shut It Down!' Essential '30 Rock' Finale Guide


Tonight on NBC, Jack Donaghy will dish out his last piece of witty advice to Liz Lemon and she'll fire back one final time with some nerdy, feminist argument. As Lemon's journey to "have it all" comes to an end, ETonline looks back at cast interviews, pics and quips from Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin and the rest of the lovable 30 Rock cast.

Here is your essential guide to 30 Rock finale day:

1. 30 Rock Romances! Before Lemon found love with Criss Cross (James Marsden), she had quite a few boyfriends.

2. Jack's Life Lessons "Never go with a hippie to second location" is just one of 20 lessons that we've learned from Jackie D.

3. What's next for 30 Rock creator Tina Fey? The funny lady talks about a possible Mean Girls musical and a new NBC show.

4. 30 Rock Looting There's bound to be a fire sale of all the props and such on the 30 Rock set, but first, the cast reveals to ET what they plan to steal.

5. Funny Girls Unite! During a tour of Liz Lemon's office, Fey revealed that she gave Mindy Kaling a framed photo of Lemon and Floyd (Jason Sudeikis) when she started her show, The Mindy Project. Yes, it's as adorable as it sounds.

6. What about Frank's feelings?!30 Rock fans' favorite slacker writer Frank Rossitano (Judah Friedlander) shared with ET his "mixed emotions" about saying goodbye to the show.

7. Friends Forever? Fey reveals where she thinks Liz and Jack will end up in 20 years. Will they still be mentor and mentee?

8. Flashback! It's no secret that 30 Rock has earned Fey and Baldwin lots of awards, but let's flashback to their 2007 award wins. Check out Fey's Emmy-winning evening and Baldwin's ET interview on the SAG red carpet.

9. "Mazel tov, dummies!" One of the more memorable moments of the final season was when Liz Lemons says "I do" to Criss in a wedding fit for a Star Wars princess.

10. Classic Tina! We can't bring up flashbacks without showing Fey's 2008 ET interview at the SAG Awards. Only she would have a celebratory cough drop!

What was your favorite 30 Rock moment? Let us know, below!