Debra Messing Talks 'Smash' Future


While NBC will continue to air the second season of Smash, the drama's move to Saturday nights, paired with dwindling ratings, seems to imply the season finale will also serve as a series finale. Now star Debra Messing is speaking out about the potential demise of the once-promising series.

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"It's sad," she tells about the show's new Saturday night timeslot. "I think that everyone involved in Smash has loved the concept and the world that we've been playing in, and we all wish that it performed better than it has. But it's the business of television. It's erratic and it's something you can't control at all. We still don't know what's going to happen, but we're all really proud of it."

VIDEO - On The Set of Smash!

Although the show's future is uncertain, Messing has signed on to star in a new CBS pilot. But she's quick to remind fans who could see that as the final nail in the show's coffin, "It's in second position to Smash, so it all depends on whether or not Smash is coming back. But it's a comedy that is based on a successful show in Israel right now, and it follows a woman who is a mom and she works, and she tries to balance her whole life. You see her going through her life in Brooklyn and trying to survive. It's absolutely something that I identify with."

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If this is in fact Smash's curtain call, Messing says she'll be most proud of "bringing song and dance and the world of Broadway musicals into people's living rooms, who, for many different reasons don't have the ability or the access to the fantasy and the thrill that is Broadway musicals."

airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on NBC before moving to Saturday nights beginning April 6.