Andrew Rannells' Perfect Acceptance Speech


Before joining his The New Normal family (Ryan Murphy, Justin Bartha, Georgia King and Jayson Blair) to accept The GLAAD Media Outstanding Comedy Series Award on April 20, Andrew Rannells caught up with ETonline on the red carpet to talk all about his NBC series.

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In addition to revealing what was essential in properly bringing Bryan and David's relationship to television, Rannells opened up about his real life partner, who received a funny shout-out at The New Now Next Awards earlier this month after Andrew won Logo's Next Mega Star award.

"I have a great boyfriend, and I would thank him by name, but one of the many life lessons I learned from Miss. Sandra Bullock is to not thank your life partner by name in public at an award show," he joked about her 2010 Oscar acceptance speech, which included a declaration of love for her now ex-husband, Jesse James. Turns out that Andrew said a lot more in that speech, but Logo cut most of it from air -- so ETonline gave him all the time he needed to thank the important people. Check it out!