Inside 'Arrow's' Fantastic Island


Inside 'Arrow's' Fantastic Island

returns from a brief-hiatus tonight with the first of four all-new episodes, leading up to the season finale, which co-star Celina Jade calls "epic." But before the final episode, boasting the eyebrow-raising title Sacrifice, we'll have plenty of island time as Jade's Shado continues to help Oliver Queen turn into Green Arrow!

ETonline caught up with Jade to talk Shado, her potential romance with Oliver and that aforementioned "epic" finale!

ETonline: How much did you know about the character when you auditioned?

Celina Jade: Absolutely nothing. When I auditioned, all I got was an episode synopsis [laughs]. I knew she was a captive and her father was held on the island -- for all I knew, it could have been one episode and that was it. Although I did do some research after I found out it was for Shado and learned who she was in the comic books.

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ETonline: How closely has Shado on TV meshed with Shado in the comics?

Jade: The producers have taken creative liberties with the comic books, but she's similar in the sense that she's a skilled martial artist and an archer. In terms of her story, I don't know how her relationship with Oliver is going to develop, but there is a lot of romantic tension right now.

ETonline: Yes, there does seem to be a lot of flirting. How do you view their relationship?

Jade: I really see her as a bit of Mr. Miyagi from The Karate Kid. It's not tough love, it's not teaching him how to do martial arts -- she's very much about the philosophy of martial arts and mental strength. She's just started Oliver's training phase, and there's definitely romantic tension, but their main priority is to save her father and get off the island. It's tough -- they like each other but they need to focus on escaping.

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ETonline: What do you like about Shado?

Jade: I love that she has such a big influence on Oliver Queen becoming Arrow. Before Oliver meets Shado, he has no martial arts background -- or any archery training. She's the first person to see his potential and help develop it. That's what makes their relationship so interesting.

ETonline: Looking ahead to the finale, what are you excited for fans to see?

Jade: The finale is incredible and super intense -- even reading the script was intense. And the cliffhanger is epic. Epic!!!! The wait for season two is going to be painful for fans!

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