5 Questions with Scott Baio


The first season of See Dad Run introduced the world to David Hobbs, played by Scott Baio, a former sitcom superstar who traded his fake family for his real one by becoming a stay-at-home dad for his three children. But now what? Turns out, exploring that very question is why Baio is even more excited about the newly launched second season.

This Sunday brings the prom episode (a right of passage for both teens and sictoms) and ETonline scored a sneak peek clip! Plus, Baio chatted with us about his hit Nickelodeon series.

ETonline: What excites you about season two of See Dad Run?

Scott Baio: The fact that since we've already done the thing where the guy is home and doesn't quite know what to do. He's got the lay of the land a little bit, so we get to see what's next. What does he do now? Where does he go now? What's really exciting for me is the unknown of what the next phase of his life will be.

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ETonline: What kinds of reactions have you been getting from fans?

Baio: I was at a restaurant with my daughter recently and a woman walked over and pointed out her daughter, who was probably eight years old. She said, "We love your show because it's the only show we can all watch together, as a family." That made my day. It's pretty much, in a nutshell, the unanimous response I've been getting from people.

ETonline: As a father, is it more important that you be the one providing family fare?

Baio: Oh, absolutely. It's real important that a show like this exist. Like a lot of single people, you're blissfully unaware of what you're watching. But in watching TV with my daughters, you realize how much of it is inappropriate. We're always very aware of our audience when running through the show.

ETonline: Does playing a father to a teenage girl make you nervous about your daughter reaching that age?

Baio: I have all that fear with my daughter. I want her to grow up but I don't want her to grow up. That's why I love this prom episode. It's such a big deal for girls, but men never think of it until that moment. So when David takes Emily dress shopping, it becomes this whole thing where he's like, "Oh my gosh, who are these women?!?" And it's his daughter! The episode really rings true.

ETonline: What are you excited for fans to see this season?

Baio: My thing with this show is ... when that woman came up to me in the restaurant, that's all I needed to hear. We're not a big, spoilery show -- the characters are going to grow and we'll have some guest stars, but the show is a funny family show and I hope that's enough for people.

See Dad Run
airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on Nick at Nite.