'Modern Family' Gets Worked Up Over 'Career Day'


In this sneak peek of the new Modern Family episode, Career Day, each of the eclectic characters is faced with making decisions about their careers in some form or fashion.

Real estate enthusiast Phil, played by Ty Burell, could not be more excited to share his love of the biz with son Luke and Manny's classmates for career day, until he learns that his arch-nemesis and chief competition, Gil Thorpe, is also presenting to the class which opens up the doors for things to turn sour pretty quickly.

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Meanwhile, over at the Pritchett household, Pritchett family patriarch Jay, played by Ed O'Neill, expresses his dream of wanting to have pursued a career as a novelist to Gloria, who forces Chay to take some low and unexpected measures.

Jay's son Mitch and husband Cam, on the other hand, are dealing with visits from the tooth fairy for their adopted daughter, Lily, and make the fatal mistake of asking Haley, Ty and Claire's eldest daughter, to play the infamous tooth-snagging pixie.

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The Career Day episode airs tonight at 9 p.m. on ABC.