'Bachelorette' Desiree Dismisses One on Premiere


Desiree Hartsock's once-in-a-lifetime journey to find her mate began on Monday night, and there was no shortage of entertainment for viewers as she met her 25 potential suitors.

Before it was time to meet and greet the men, Desiree was given a tour of the mansion in Malibu in which she'll be staying for the show. The luxury of the house, in combination with a neon blue Bentley she'll be driving, caused her to emotionally reflect on growing up on meager means as a child.

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The 27-year-old bridal stylist also reflected on another life-shaping experience in the not-too-distant past: being on last season's The Bachelor. She reiterated how shocked she was that Sean didn't pick her, but was positive about the prospect of finding her soul mate this season.

With nerves running high on both ends, it was then time for Desiree to meet her potential mates for the first time.

Although her brief encounter with the first man, Drew, a 27-year-old digital marketing analyst, went well, things didn't go so smoothly for her with the first group of guys.

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Brooks forgot to introduce himself; Jonathan oddly presented her with an opportunity to immediately join him in the fantasy suite; and Diogo failed to impress her by showing up in a suit of armor.

The second limo full of men brought more promise—and normality—for Desiree. She was overwhelmed with glee when 28-year-old entrepreneur Ben brought his toddler along with him to meet her, and the two instantly hit it off. Having only encountered him for a few minutes, Desiree already thinks he's "husband material" and he earns the first rose.

Following 25 rounds of first encounters filled with smiles, hugs, and the occasional bewildered gaze, Desiree admits that she is "blown-away" by the men and the experience of being the bachelorette.

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After a ceremonial toast, it was time for Desiree to begin her one-on-one time with her potential suitors. Twenty-six-year-old magician Nick R. steals the show by sneakily using his "magic" to score the first one-on-one session with "Cinderella in the flesh."

However, his alone time with her is cut short by 26-year-old painting contractor Brandon, who gets on well with Desiree and reveals that he believes he has just met his future wife. Desiree marvels at the lengths that the men are going to vie for her attention and affection.

After a fun game of soccer with 31-year-old former pro soccer player Juan Pablo that gets the whole gang involved, Desiree's mood dramatically shifts when Jonathan asks her yet again if she would like to join him in the fantasy suite.

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Not only does she negatively respond to his third offer for the fantasy suite but she also asks him to leave the mansion for good, emphasizing that she isn't "that type of girl."

After Jonathan's dismissal, Desiree then has to officially eliminate more men in the rose ceremony. Brandon receives the first rose of the ceremony, and when all the roses are gone, magician Nick R., 34-year-old doctor Larry, and "knight in shining armor" Diogo are empty-handed.

Now that the formalities have run their course, Desiree will get to know her potential suitors on a more intimate level when The Bachelorette continues next Monday at 8 p.m. on ABC.