NEW CLIP: The Pressure Builds in 'Hell On Wheels'


Hell On Wheels
, the powerful AMC western, focuses on the mobile itinerant camp of mercenaries, gambling halls, bordellos and saloons that followed the builders of the First Transcontinental Railroad.

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As the army of builders moves along, laying track, opportunists and entrepreneurs follow, setting up makeshift pleasure dens to satisfy all the carnal and immoral needs of the railroad workers. This lawless environment was a draw for nasty characters of all sorts to congregate, and this nail-biting historical drama revels in the grime.

In this exclusive clip from Hell On Wheels' Episode 9: Fathers and Sins, we see the pressure put on the railroad track builders to work through the weekend, as they must lay five miles of track in two days to meet the deadline put on the railroad by President Grant.

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But, as all things go in westerns, nothing works out the way it's planned when a gang of raiders throw a violent monkey-wrench into the proceedings.

This episode of Hell On Wheels airs September 28 at 9/8c on AMC.