Sneak Peek: 'Mom' Tackles Cancer in New Episode

Sneak Peek: 'Mom' Tackles Cancer in New Episode

The CBS sitcom Mom has already established itself as a series that takes a humorous look at the serious issue of addiction. But in this preview of tonight's all-new episode, the cast opens up about the show tackling another grave subject, cancer.

"We're dealing with a subject matter that is not funny, which is cancer," explains Allison Janney, who plays Bonnie on the show. "Mimi Kennedy's character Marjorie announces that she has cancer in the episode and we deal with that through the whole thing. -- and yet we're managing to find the humor in the scenes about that," she adds about the episode airing tonight at  9:30 on CBS.

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"I hope they continue to do this with the show because I think it's the right thing to do, and it works," Janney said.

We are all sort of struggling with that information and we want to help her and support her. She's also a lunatic -- as am I -- so it's always really fun and touching too," said Anna Faris, who plays recovering addict Christy.

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Watch the video for more interview and clips from the latest episode, which also exposes Marjorie as a crazy cat lady with unorthodox methods for feeding her house full of kitties.