Behind the Scenes of 'Late Night' with Seth Meyers


Seth Meyers recently debuted as the new host of Late Night and ET's Rob Marciano caught up with the Saturday Night Live alum to find out how he's handing the transition from the Weekend Update anchor to talk show host.

"I'm still adjusting," Meyers told Rob on the Late Night set in New
York. "My metabolism has to go from doing a show once a week to doing it
every night. But so far so good. The nice thing about having a nightly
show is you have no time to look backwards, you have to constantly move
forward, and that's been fun for us." 

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He said he's also enjoying the new pace of doing a daily show. "I feel like I'm sleeping more with this job than I did at SNL. Because at SNL you just stay up all night writing, and you stay up all night rehearsing. This has that nice thing of you finish the show and you kinda have nothing to do until the next morning, so that's been good."

Watch the video to also hear Seth explain how his wife is handling his new gig and to see him give Rob his top tip for delivering the news!

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