'About a Boy': Fiona Confronts Will's Bad Boy Ways


Will imparts a few valuable life lessons to Marcus in tonight's brand-new episode of About a Boy, particularly how to be a bad boy to impress Marcus's crush Hannah!

"Listen, Marcus -- you're a sweet, smart, honest, just wonderful kid -- unfortunately those qualities repel women," Will says. "They like guys who are mysterious. Girls like what they can't have. They like bad boys -- guys who ignore them."

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... Though this of course doesn't sit well with Marcus's mother Fiona, who confronts Will in this hilarious clip.

Titled About a Girl, tonight's episode also guest stars Iron Man's Leslie Bibb as Dakota, Will's love interest, and Joey star Andrea Anders as Hannah's mother Joanne -- who also just happens to be the queen bee of a group of neighborhood moms Fiona must confront!

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About a Boy airs tonight at 9 p.m. on NBC.