Rob Lowe Opens Up About Time In Rehab On 'Oprah Prime'


Former Parks and Recreation star Rob Lowe sat down with Oprah for an episode of her show Oprah Prime, and answered some deep questions about his life and his often-tumultuous past.

In this clip, Lowe talks about his time in rehab over two decades ago, and how he never could have quit drinking and partying without it.

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"I couldn't have gotten sober without rehab," the 50-year-old star told Oprah. "Because I needed the science. I needed to go to the college of addiction, and what it does to your body, and all of the research… A lot of people can do it through 12-step programs alone, I wouldn't have been one of them. Although I believe in that too. I needed to do the work."

Check out Rob Lowe's revealing appearance on Oprah Prime on Sunday, April 6 at 9/8c on OWN.

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