Valerie Harper Sets the Record Straight on False Cancer Report


Valerie Harper sat down with ET to set the record straight about a magazine report quoting her as saying that she's "absolutely cancer-free."

"I really thank ET for the opportunity to clarify to my fans, my family and my friends who have called to say, 'You're cured, you're cured, we read it,'" she told ET during an interview via satellite from New York. "And what they read was that it has not spread, which is good news!"

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She also explained that the type of cancer she has normally is found in the lungs, but hers is in her brain, although a recent body scan revealed that the rest of her body is free of cancer. "In a way, it's a positive thing to know that a year's gone by and it's nowhere else in my body. So I am cancer free from the neck down, so far."

The veteran TV actress, 74, is currently promoting her two episode story arc on Hallmark Channel's new original series, Signed, Sealed, Delivered, which premieres this Sunday night at 8/7c. 

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