Is Katie Couric Coming Back to 'Today'?


As the search continues for Savannah Guthrie's replacement for when she goes on maternity leave from Today, a familiar face has been rumored as a serious possibility.

"How awesome would it be to have Katie and Matt [Lauer] back?" ET's Rocsi Diaz asked Today's Hota Kotb today during a visit to The Voice set.

Hoda agreed, saying, "Those two are like brother and sister."

While Katie might seem like the perfect choice, Hota brought up another viable option.

"I think Matt said his favorite co-anchor ever is Meredith [Vieira]," Hota said. "He had a great little vibe with her so who knows? I don't know who it's gonna be."

Today sent ET a written statement, which -- in part -- said, "We are blessed with ... many options to temporarily fill Savannah's chair ... but there's no plan yet -- stay tuned."

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