Get Your Fill Of 'Star Wars Rebels' With Epic Sneak Preview

Disney XD

Need your Star Wars fix, but you simply can't wait for J.J. Abrams' upcoming installment? Well, Disney XD has your answer! It's an animated show called Star Wars Rebels, and they've released an awesome extended preview to whet your whistle.

The seven minute and 40 second intro gives you more than just a taste of what's in store in the new show, and is sure to entice a whole new generation into the Star Wars fandom.

The show is set five years prior to the original Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope. In this dark and dystopic world, the Jedis are still in hiding and the evil Empire has it's iron fist wrapped firmly around the throat of everyone in the galaxy.

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In this exciting preview, we meet Ezra, a street-smart con artist and thief – not unlike Disney's classic hero Aladdin, even to the extent of how they are animated – who steals a speeder bike and ends up inadvertently getting caught up in the rebellion.

Star Wars Rebels
will premiere in October on the Disney Channel with an epic one-hour debut before moving to its permanent home on Disney XD.

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