'House of Cards' Politician Frank Underwood Pays a Visit to Stephen Colbert

Comedy Central

Will Kevin Spacey's House of Cards character be the one to kill off Stephen Colbert's alter ego?

Frank Underwood (Spacey) showed up on Wednesday night's Colbert Report to have a chat with the host, and to offer some advice on the ISIS situation in the Middle East.

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"A dog doesn't need to show his teeth as long as his growl's deep enough, his food bowl is full and he knows where all the bones are buried," Underwood touted as he does many times on the Netflix show.

Colbert responded, "Wow. I have no f**king idea what that means, but I'll tell you -- that was menacingly homespun, sir."

The host then revealed that he planned to move to Washington D.C. after his show comes to an end in December, and the politician seemed to embrace the idea with open arms ...sorta.

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"Just take the last train down, I'll meet you on the edge of the platform," he told Colbert. "For reasons of security, if anyone asks where you're going, just say 'to commit suicide.'"

This past month, Colbert's late-night buddy Jimmy Fallon did a House of Cards spoof, House of Cue Cards, on The Tonight Show. Check it out, below: