EXCLUSIVE! Rumple Makes a Deal, Emma Makes a Date and More 'Once Upon a Time' Spoilers!


ETonline was on the 'Once Upon a Time' set in Vancouver, Canada this past week to catch up with the enchanting cast.

Love is in the air — and darkness is all around — in this Sunday's all-new episode of Once Upon a Time.

We’ve already gifted you with everything you need to know about this new spell-binding season, and delivered details straight from the cast about Hook and Emma's first kind-of, sort-of date, but now it's time to really let the spoiler magic out of the bottle.

ETonline was on the Once Upon a Time set in Vancouver, Canada this past week to catch up with the enchanting cast and get the details on what’s next for our beloved fairytale characters — and you won’t believe what they spilled! Keep reading for all the inside scoop on a "really good kiss," a dark twist and more from this week's all-new hour…

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Come on in Dearie:
And with those four words a new Frozen connection is formed! In this week's hour, fans will finally discover that Rumpelstiltskin was indeed lying about not having a past with our long-lost Anna. In actuality, the youngest Arendelle sister was the victim of one of the Dark One's dreaded deals. How do we know this, you ask? Well, because we've got the exclusive sneak peek!

Take a look at our first look video above to find out what happens when Anna stumbles into the Dark One's palace in hopes of getting answers about her parents' deadly mission. If that wasn’t dangerous enough, Anna naively promises to do "whatever it takes" to help her sister. Uh-oh. Big mistake, dearie.

So what does Rumple want with our endearing Anna? Robert Carlyle spilled the answer to this burning question to a few reporters on set, "She’s got an innocence that is really important to him, and it has something to do with her tears. If he can get one of her tears then he can take it and do things with it."

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A Dark Handout:
Now that Hook knows that Rumple has been lying to Belle about holding the fake dagger, he intends to fully use this information to his advantage — even if it means blackmailing the Dark One. "Hook has made a deal with Rumpelstiltskin to get his hand back so that he can have it to be able to hold Emma," Colin O'Donoghue revealed when asked about his character's intentions.

Fans will be amused to know that Rumple has kept Hook’s hand in a pickle jar for "hundreds of years" and now we finally know why. Carlyle spilled, "[Rumple] keeps [the hand] as a momento and a remainder that he should've finished the job when he had the chance. It's kind of a constant reminder that he hates Hook."

But as we know all too well, magic always comes with a price — and it looks like this Sunday's blackmailing deal will be no exception. "He’s worried that the hand is cursed," O'Donoghue confessed. "He’s worried that by having this, it's beginning to bring back the violence that he used to have."

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Table For Two:
It's time for another CaptainSwan date, and the best thing about this one is there are absolutely no snow monsters on this date! In fact, O'Donoghue spilled that the CaptainSwan date "goes really well" and "they even have a little kiss." If that wasn’t satisfying enough, Morrison chimed in with a sly smile saying, "I've heard it's a really good kiss, according to the editors." Cue the fan-girl squeals of delight!

The blonde beauty spilled that she was thrilled to see that Emma’s date-night dress mirrored the way that Hook makes her feel. "This is the first time that Emma is wearing something that is softer and gentler and sweeter and romantic," she said.

"To me, that was really important because I wanted it to be symbolic of something very different than the other times that we've seen her on a date," Morrison remarked of Emma’s varied romantic past. "Now she really likes this guy and she's really genuine about it… and the fact that she feels safe enough and inspired to express that part of herself to him was a really important thing to show."

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But Emma is not the only one who will be sporting a mini-makeover for this "old-fashioned date" — Hook is also going to ditching his pirate dreads for the first time in nearly 200 years. "He's really trying to fit in and really trying to make a life for himself in Storybook so I guess he does feel a bit vulnerable," O'Donoghue said. "But this vulnerability is less about what he's wearing, and more about that he’s opening his heart up to another person and how that makes him feel."

Bonus Scoop!
Is Rumple ever going to give his new bride the real Dark One dagger? According to Carlyle, it's not looking promising. "Rumple is a selfish kind of guy and he’s addicted to the power, he's addicted to the magic, and he's addicted to his own world and he doesn't really have a lot of time for anyone else," the actor said. "You can hope that he’s going to be nice but maybe not."

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