Worst 'Bachelor' Ever Juan Pablo Galavis Splits From Nikki Ferrell

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Is anybody surprised?

Looks like the most controversial couple in Bachelor history are over.

After Nikki Ferrell, 27, posted a cryptic Instagram message Sunday about "wasting time on certain people," Us Weekly reports that the she recently split with Juan Pablo Galavis, 33.

According to one source, the split was not mutual, and it was the Kansas City beauty who decided to end the relationship.

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"Isn't it pathetic how we waste so much time on certain people and in the end they prove that they weren't even worth a second of it," Ferrell posted. "Nope not one single second."

Nope not one single second.✋

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She also unfollowed Galavis on both Twitter and Instagram.

It appears Galavis, meanwhile, can't make up his mind. He stopped following her twice on Sunday night, started following her again, and then stopped following her on Monday.

Ferrell and Galavis were most recently seen together on VH1's Couples Therapy, in which he continued to spark fan outrage by refusing to say "I love you" to her, even nine months after their season of The Bachelor aired.

"Just because he hasn't said it to me doesn't mean I don't say it to him," Ferrell explained at the time. "I don't expect him to say it back when I say it, and maybe one day he will."

In March, Bachelor host Chris Harrison talked to ET about the reasons why some longtime fans of the hit ABC show have given Galavis the title of "worst Bachelor ever."

"The end goal of our show is to end up with a couple, and I felt like, wow after all of this, we did it -- we have a couple who loves each other -- but he just wouldn't give, and he just won't, and I don't know why," a clearly frustrated Harrison said following his controversial "After the Final Rose" special. "I don't know where all the anger, and all the angst, or reservations come from, I don't know ... throughout it, I feel like he was his own worst enemy."

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Though in our first meeting with Galavis since announcing his new title as "The Bachelor" in January, the former pro-soccer player was nothing but charming.

Check out a much more likable Galavis playing strip ping-pong with Nancy O'Dell in the video below.