EXCLUSIVE: 'Gotham's Ben McKenzie Talks the Debut of Harvey Dent (aka Two-Face!)


Heads or tails, Gotham fans?

In this Monday's all-new episode, a highly anticipated DC Comics character will make his "complicated" debut in Fox's freshman series. Masters of Sex's Nicholas D'Agosto joins the dark drama as Harvey Dent — aka the future villain Two-Face — and the odds are we're in for one hell-of-an-hour.

To help get you prepared for all the coin-flipping fun, ETonline has an exclusive sneak peek with star Ben McKenzie teasing Harvey and Jim's tricky partnership.

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"In episode nine, Jim is looking for some help trying to put together this case that he's building as to who actually murdered the Waynes," the 36-year-old actor explained. "So he ends up reaching out to an assistant district attorney by the name of Harvey Dent."

Fox fans know that McKenzie's Jim Gordon is hell-bent on cleaning up the crime and corruption Gotham, and Harvey's clever tactics could be exactly the help that he's been looking for.

"It's the beginnings of a relationship between Jim and Harvey," McKenzie said of Monday's all-new hour. "This is early on in Harvey's career so he's sort of miles away from the complicated character that he will become. At this point, he's a young, ambitious, and decent ADA."

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But of course, in true Gotham fashion their plans will take a terrible turn for the worse — leaving Jim in one of the most dangerous predicaments we've ever seen him in. (Which is really saying something because that poor detective seems to be tortured each and every week!)

"Let's just say they put Jim in close proximity to Arkham — very close," The star revealed. "And his life for a while is deeply intertwined with Arkham and all of the insane criminals who reside there."

Take a look at our video with McKenzie above for more scoop and exclusive sneak peeks of Harvey's Gotham debut.

Gotham airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on Fox.

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