'Once Upon a Time's Elizabeth Mitchell Teases Future Devastation from the Spell of Shattered Sight!


The temperature may be dropping in Storybrooke, but the drama is just now starting to heat up!

Brace yourselves, Once Upon a Time fans because this Sunday's all-new episode is so undeniably epic that they had to add a whole extra hour. That's right — we're being treated to not one, but two hours of adrenaline-pumping fairytale fun, and ETonline has your exclusive sneak peek of what you can expect.

We chatted with Elizabeth Mitchell — aka our cold-hearted Snow Queen — to find out what's next for our Storybrooke residents in this week's "epic" event, when the dreaded Spell of Shattered Sight will finally be unleashed, and how the newest mega magical weapon will come into play.

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Last week, it was incredibly moving to finally learn about the Snow Queen's dark past. How did this episode change the way you see her, and consequently play her?
EM: She makes me sad because she's been through so much. She killed someone as a kid and then she went and got trapped in an urn for who knows how many years and I kind of made the choice that she was self-aware in there because I wanted there to be a reason for her madness. A reason for that cracking to happen to her psyche, I've always felt for her and to watch the innocence that she had and the promise for who Ingrid could have been got wiped away and there was really no one there to guide her or to help her control it. Her sisters definitely tried and she kept making all of these wrong choices and horrible things kept happening and it made me sad.

Is it safe to assume that Rumple and The Snow Queen have had any other interactions in between when he took her sisters' ribbons and when she tried to get them back?
EM: It's possible, I think that we kind of think they have had a bit more of a past but we're going to see a bit more in the next episode. I mean I like watching them together and watching them spar. I think it's really fun—it's like watching a game of chess.

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All One Upon a Time fans know that true love, in any form is the strongest kind of magic so I can imagine that those ribbons are going to be extremely powerful — is this correct?
EM: Oh you're so smart! Yes, yes they come heavily into play. That's fantastic that you would think that, I love that—well done! I love the show too and that was the feeling that I first had when I saw those and all I can say is we are not wrong. We have some smart thoughts between the two of us.

For the viewers who look at the Snow Queen as a villain, what would you say to them to potentially change their minds?
EM: She just wants love—she's just going about it all wrong. But at the same time I also see that there's nothing more fun than a healthy antagonist, somebody that we kind of love to hate because the antagonists bring out the best in our beloved protagonists. That's one of the things that I love about these characters is that it really is kind of okay to hate them [laughs]. No really, it's fun and fantastic and if you also feel sorry for them then that kind of torn loyalty is a very complex and interesting emotion to work through, so either one is fine with me. But what it comes down to is she's searching for love and no one has really taught her how and I have always thought of her as a kid and I've played her as a kid. I definitely have kind of played her as a very childlike, yet wounded kid who is going after what she wants and thinking she deserves it.

The Spell of Shattered Sight sounds absolutely amazing, but totally terrifying! When can fans expect to see that come into play?
EM: We'll see it all start to kind of happen in the next one I don’t think I can really say what happens with everybody but I know that in the reading of it and the watching the aftermath of it—it's just very delicious. I say delicious and I don’t want people to think it's a fun spell, because it's terrifying and it's really, really, really horrible. But at the same time it gave all of our beloved people some really incredibly fun stuff to play. And it gives them a chance to see some of the characters that we love and haven't seen in a certain way for a while, so I think it brings out a lot of fun things and it was definitely a great acting challenge for everyone.

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Fans have desperately wanted to see that Regina vs. Snow Queen face-off — are we finally going to see that fire and ice collide?
EM: I wish! There is a tiny little jewel tucked into, I believe this next episode and if it's not that one, then it's the last one. But we have a jewel tucked in there for the fans in one of these next three.

What are you most excited for Once Upon a Time fans to see in Sunday's special two-hour episode?
EM: This two-hour special has a very epic feel to it. It's dark in a very dramatic way and it's definitely something to see. And then there's also a much anticipated and hoped for romantic exploration that is going on, but I can't say who it's with. [Laughs] But I feel like that is going to be incredible. For me, as a fan, that's what I'm looking forward to seeing. That's also some really fun Snow Queen moments, so yes my mom will be super happy, but there's also some really kind of fun moments. And they really do listen to their fans, so at the end of the day it's a really satisfying and exciting episode.

Don’t miss the epic two-hour episode of Once Upon a Time on Sunday, Nov. 16 at 8 p.m. on ABC.