'Teletubbies' Giggling 'Sun Baby' Finally Reveals Herself - and She's Now 19!


Get ready to feel old!

The BBC children's TV show Teletubbies was a worldwide phenomenon, and aside from the eponymous alien beings, the show's "Sun Baby" was one of the program's biggest stars (pun intended).

After years of anonymity, the actress who, as an infant, was the face inside the Teletubbies' sun, has come out to her friends after years of secrecy – and she's 19 years old!

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Jess Smith, now a first-year dance student at Canterbury Christ Church University in Kent, England, revealed the truth about her TV past on Facebook, writing:

"So I’ve recently celebrated my 19th birthday and after a lot of thought, I’ve decided it’s time to tell everyone. I used to hide it but after a lot of encouragement from my friends at university, I’ve gained the confidence to come out with it. I am the sun from Teletubbies. There has been quite a few people pretending to be ‘the sun’ but only I could tell you the real story. Everyone says they can see the likeness between my face now and me as a baby. I still have a baby face. I haven’t changed much either. I am still giggly."

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When Smith was nine months old, she was selected to be the giggling face superimposed on the rising sun that looked out over the psychedelic Teletubbies landscape.

In June, the BBC announced that Teletubbies, which was canceled in 2001 after 365 episodes, will be revived with 60 new installments.

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