Lena Dunham Mercilessly Beats Jimmy Fallon at Pictionary


Lena Dunham can not only write, she can also draw.

Lena Dunham and her partner Steve Higgins schooled Jimmy Fallon and J.K. Simmons during an intense game of Pictionary on Thursday's Tonight Show.

Right out of the gate, the Girls star was on fire, only barely drawing a tooth fairy before Higgins guessed it right.

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Fallon and Simmons were not so in sync. When the late-night host attempted to draw a "foot-long hot dog," the Whiplash star declared, "Something phallic. A vagina," he quipped, adding, "It's a medical term."

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Needless to say the Dunham-Higgins team took home the win, and, only slightly gloating, the former Golden Globe winner told Fallon, "Jimmy, I'm saying this with complete love. You could not have failed harder."

The season 4 premiere of Girls airs Sunday on HBO, and ET caught up with Dunham who revealed why this season made her believe she has psychic powers. Check out our chat, below.