Jennifer Aniston Flips Lips With Jimmy Fallon


Jennifer Aniston flipped lips with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday’s Tonight Show!

The actress played Fallon’s "Lip Flip" game after joking that she wanted the opportunity to interview herself. Through CGI magic the guest and host swap lips and react as the other puts words in their mouth, literally.

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"I just got tickets to Bonnaroo," Fallon drawled as Aniston squinted her eyes and played along. "I’m sleeping over, dude!"

Aniston also made Fallon play the stoner part as the two made their Super Bowl Predictions.

"Seattle, man," the Cake star said as she puppeted the host. "We got all the weed, man. We got the Starbucks, we got the Space Needle...oh hey! Did I said we got the weed?"

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By now, Fallon’s Tonight Show games are the stuff of legend. Watch a memorable clip where Megan Fox and Nick Cannon take on Fallon and rapper Wiz Khalifa in a game of Pictionary in the video below.