Jimmy Fallon Perfectly Spoofs 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air'!


The 'Tonight Show' host went retro to celebrate the show's week in L.A.

There are a lot of ways Jimmy Fallon could have celebrated The Tonight Show's one-week return to Los Angeles, but leave it to his insane brand of nostalgic genius to come up with something as incredible as this Fresh Prince of Bel-Air parody.

Jimmy takes on the role of Will Smith in this nearly shot-for-shot recreation of the sitcom's iconic opening credit sequence, and Jimmy's flawless parody hits every nail right on the head.

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From the spinning chair to the graffiti font, this video's dedication to accurate recreation alone might cement its position as the greatest Fresh Prince parody of all time – and that's before you even get to the awesome cameos!

We don't want to ruin every surprise, but after Alfonso Ribeiro brought back the Carlton on last season's Dancing With the Stars, you just knew he'd have to show up. Alfonso also brought his iconic sweater out of retirement, and tied it around his shoulders where it rightfully belongs.

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This is just one of the great videos Fallon came up with for tonight's episode. He also debuted the latest Tonight Show rap mash-up featuring Brian Williams "rapping" Snoop Dogg's hit "Who Am I (What's My Name)?"

For more Fresh Prince fun, check out Alfonso Ribeiro busting out The Carlton on DWTS in the video below.