'Pretty Little Liars': Cody Christian on Mike's 'Anger Issues' & the Biggest 'Sociopaths' in Rosewood!

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Can a Montgomery be trusted?

Can a Montgomery be trusted?

It's a question that has been on our minds for months now, and after chatting with Pretty Little Liars' Cody Christian, we're not so sure. For five years, fans have watched the elusive Mike Montgomery (Christian) evolve from Aria's (Lucy Hale) kid brother to a full-fledged high school hunk.

But after witnessing Mike's tormented behavior since Mona's (Janel Parrish) death, fans are beginning to realize that we actually know very little about this mysterious Montgomery -- or just how far he's willing to go to get revenge.

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Better brace yourselves, little liars because we're in for some huge revelations when it comes to Aria's little bro. "I think [Mike] is going to do a lot of things that seem to be out of character, but at the same time he just wants answers," Christian said to ETonline. "He wants to know why and he almost wants justice in his own way. So he's going to go to the ends of the earth to find that."

But for those fans who are saying that Mike has "anger problems," Christian was quick to provide an alternative opinion: "I mean you could say that, but then again look at what that kid has been through."

Christian said, "Think about it for a second: We're talking about a normal kid, who had a normal life and everything was great, and then look at this rollercoaster ride that Mike has been on. I feel like some people could say anger issues but, I'd say a lot of his reactions and outbursts are extremely justified."

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So, back to our initial question: Can a Montgomery be trusted? "Absolutely," Christian spilled. "I mean listen to that name, 'Montgomery'. That's like the most American name we can get, but I think it depends on which Montgomery you're speaking of."

The 19-year-old actor continued, "I think [Mike] can be trusted, but at this point he's seeking answers and I feel like to get those answers, maybe trust might go out the window."

After this week's episode of PLL, fans were left with a huge list of questions: Why is Mike visiting Ali (Sasha Pieterse) in jail? Who were those delicious-looking gummy bears for? And what is Mike doing on those late-night lake rendezvous? Luckily Christian confessed that the answers to all of these questions are just around the corner.

"All will be revealed very very soon, and I don’t mean soon like it's going to happen next season, I mean very soon, he said. "I think next week's episode, a lot more questions will be asked and answers given, but the episode following that is when fans are definitely going to get what they want… It's to the point now that you really don’t want to miss an episode before our finale."

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And speaking of the Season 5 finale, Christian confirmed that there is definitely one huge answer that will be revealed to the fans. "I think the big one is, 'Who is A?' and I think is the most important question that fans could be asking," the star said. "They'll definitely find the answer. It might not be the answer they're looking for but they will definitely get an answer."

We at ETonline been theorizing about the identity of 'A' with executive producer Marlene King and PLL author Sara Shepard, so of course we has to ask who Christian thinks is hiding behind the hood. "I've heard theories with Aria, and I've heard a theory about Spencer and I'm like, 'That's just crazy!'" he said.

"We've seen [the liars] at these raw and emotional times and we've seen how much they're affected by ['A'] and if that was all fake, then those girls are sociopaths," Christian said with a laugh.

"You need to run as far away as possible from those girls if they can pull something like that off," he said. "I just feel like they have been affected so deeply and you see this effect on such a personal level that it's almost impossible to believe that could've been staged."

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So does Mike have what to takes to be the sociopath who's been tormenting Rosewood's youth? After a long pause Christian confessed, "I think if you had asked me this question before Mona's death I would've said, 'Absolutely not.' But now that he has lost somebody, and he's lost somebody that meant so much to him, I feel like Mike is capable of anything."

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