EXCLUSIVE: 'Pretty Little Liars' Shay Mitchell Looks Back on All of Emily's 'Seductive' Girlfriends!

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Happy Valentine's Day, little liars!

To help celebrate the day of love, we're dedicating this article to Emily Fields, the character who, without a doubt, has been struck by Cupid's arrow the most in Pretty Little Liars' history! (The heart-shaped trophy is in the mail for you, Em.)

ETonline had an exclusive sit-down with PLLstar Shay Mitchell and we took a trip down romance lane to get her candid thoughts on each of Emily's most significant girlfriends: Maya, Samara, Talia, Alison and Paige.

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"My job is absolutely amazing," Mitchell gushed to ETonline on the press day for her new dating show, SweeTARTS 'Get Roped In'. "I get to work with some really great actresses, and Emily has a lot of girlfriends so I get to work with a lot of them and it's fun. It's great, we have such a fun time on set."

We asked Mitchell to tell us the very first thing that pops into her head when we brought up one of Emily's past lovers, and let's just say her reactions were priceless! The words "cute," "bubbly," "amazing," and "seductive" were all used as the 27-year-old actress described Emison, Paily, Emaya and many more 'ships.

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But of all her amazing pairings, we asked Mitchell to pick the one Rosewood girl that she thinks Emily connected with the best. "Oh gosh this is really hard!" Mitchell confessed as she struggled to choose the lucky lady.

"I loved working with Lindsey Shaw, she's so great and we probably had the longest relationship," the brunette beauty explained. "So that's probably the one that I'm most attached to for that reason and It think that she's been really great with Emily."

Better break out the bubbly, Paily fans!

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Take a look at our full interview with PLL's Shay Mitchell above to find out what she had to say about each of Emily's lovers!

Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.

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