Why John Oliver Won't Be Taking Over 'The Daily Show'

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After Jon Stewart announced his impending retirement from his job hosting The Daily Show, rampant speculation began to swirl as to who would be replacing him.

While many speculated that former Daily Show correspondent, and current host of HBO's Last Week Tonight, John Oliver could take over the helm, HBO shot those rumors down by renewing Oliver's satirical Sunday evening news program for two more seasons, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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Oliver, who just entered his second season of Last Week Tonight, had been a star at The Daily Show for years, even guest-hosting for two months in 2013 while Stewart took a leave of absence to direct the political drama Rosewater.

Oliver's turn behind The Daily Show anchor desk was universally well-received and led to him leaving the series in December 2013 for his own program on HBO. Now, it looks like whatever happens, we'll still have Oliver's incredible British wit to give us our weekly dose of political humor.

Another rumored possibility was current Daily Show correspondent Jessica Williams, who recently rejected the possibility of taking over for Stewart, calling herself "underqualified."

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So, with Oliver and Williams out of the running, who is best suited to step into Stewart's shoes? Everyone from Amy Poehler to even Brian Williams have been suggested as viable candidates. But only time will tell who will be given the chance to take over for a legend.

Check out the video below for a look at Stewart's take on the Brian Williams scandal.

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