Benedict Cumberbatch Celebrates His Honeymoon on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'


Despite getting married just days ago in England, Benedict Cumberbatch is the consummate professional, and he's not going to let something like tying the knot in a different continent keep him from appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Impressed by the Sherlock star's decision not to cancel his appearance on his show, Kimmel decided to make the interview feel a bit more like a honeymoon vacation, as a way of expressing his gratitude.

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Switching the set's green screen background from a city-scape to a tropical, palm tree-covered sandy beach was the first step, followed by some Caribbean music and two pina coladas -- little umbrellas included.

Kimmel also finished off Cumberbatch's wedding registry, buying him some whisks, a meatloaf pan, an avocado slicer, and various other kitchen utensils The Imitation Game star, 38, will probably never use.

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Aside from getting married, Cumberbatch and his new wife, Sophie Hunter, are also expecting a baby. Check out the video below for more on the couple's recent announcement.

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