14 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets From the Set of 'Glee's' Double Gay Wedding!


WARNING: We're about to recap all of the surprises and shocks from
Glee's most-recent wedding! If you want to know the details of the day (and potentially catch the bouquet!) keep on reading. If you don’t, well … fine then. You weren't invited anyway.

Here come the brides… and the grooms!

Brittany (Heather Morris) and Santana's (Naya Rivera) wedding was the most highly anticipated TV wedding of the year, and at the last minute, Glee decided to up the romance ante with a surprising twist. (But of course, all you devoted Gleeks have known about this double wedding for months, haven't you?)

Just moments before the big "I do," Brittany unveiled that her wedding day wish was to see Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Blaine (Darren Criss) get married alongside her and Santana. After some slight hesitation, the newly rekindled couple decided to dive head-first back into a relationship and the two pairs tied the knot in a joint ceremony.

ETonline had the pleasure of traveling to what seemed like the middle of nowhere (but in reality it was just a ranch 30 minutes outside of L.A.) to attend the lavish ceremony of Glee's "double gay wedding." So now that the episode has finally aired, we're spilling 14 secrets from the set that all Gleeks need to know.

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ETonline was on set to witness the most important scene of the episode: the vows. The mood was cheerful and the cast was buzzing with excitement, despite the chilly temperatures.

The wedding venue was just as gorgeous in person at 11:30 a.m. on a weekday as it looked on screen. Despite the fact that the barn looked huge, it was actually surprisingly small. Ahh the power of Hollywood camera angles!

During the vows many of the actors kept forgetting their swoon-worthy nuptials. Criss kept giggling before yelling "Line!" and Morris tripped over her words more than once and would stick out her tongue with playful frustration.

Rivera was the only Glee actor who did not mess up a single line. Each time the camera panned to the brunette beauty, she said her vows with confidence, and she giggled with Morris when the camera was focused on the other couple.

Watching Amber Riley lip-sync her rendition of "At Last" was truly mesmerizing. Apart from a few times when she skipped a verse, it honestly looked like she was belting out that ballad in the middle of a barn.

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Many other TV shows were shooting just a few hundred feet away from the Glee wedding including Bones, Justified, The Mentalist and probably a few others because that ranch was huge!

Mike O'Malley looked like a proud papa even when the cameras weren't rolling. Even when he struggled to keep his lines straight, it was clear that he was excited to be there. Each time he said "Don’t say a word I am barely keeping it together," to Colfer, it looked like he was bursting with pride.

Originally the wedding vows were much, much longer than what made it to air. The original nuptials mentioned a story involving a rolling stone that was looking for its counterpart to "roll away with." And yes, it was just as cheesy and ridiculous as it sounds.

In fact, the line "Roll away with me [insert character name here]" was the most difficult vow for the actors to say without busting up laughing. Honestly, we're really, really happy those lines didn't make it into the official vows. Way too lame.

All of those amazing A-list wedding guest stars were not actually in the crowd when Brittana and Klaine said their vows. Becca Tobin (Kitty), Dot Marie Jones (Coach Bieste) and both of Kurt's parents were in attendance, but Jennifer Coolidge, Ken Jeong, Gloria Estefan, Gina Gershon, and Vanessa Lengies were not on set. They all shot their reaction scenes at a later date.

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In between takes, the actresses would put on huge puffy jackets over their bright pink bridesmaids dresses to keep warm, and the cast would laugh and dance together while snacking on goodies from craft services.

The producers asked the extras in the crowd to act more "confused" and "surprised" as Colfer and Criss waked down the aisle. Some struggled more than others.

Originally Chord Overstreet (Sam) was supposed to whisper to Matthew Morrison (Mr. Schue), "Dude, it's a double gay wedding!" and he had to repeat it over and over again. The producers would call over a loud sound system that he needed to "act more stunned" or "take a bigger pause" before announcing the obvious fact.

One Glee bridesmaid, who shall not be named, kept trying to steal the wedding spotlight with an over-acted shocked face as the two couples walked down the aisle. It was actually extremely distracting. Luckily it was cut from the episode.

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