'The Voice': Why Season 8 Has the Best Combination of Judges - Ever!


Amazing talent, ego-crushing insults, and big red chairs -- it must be time for a new season of The Voice!

The Emmy award-wining competition series returns Monday night with the premiere of its eighth season and a brand-new combination of coaches that fans have never seen before -- and (spoiler alert!) this is the best musical foursome The Voice has ever featured.

Fresh off of his season 7 debut, music producer extraordinaire Pharrell Williams decided to stick around for another chance to coach America's undiscovered singers into stars. Joining the "Happy" singer, are Voice mega-veterans Blake Shelton and Adam Levine -- aka realty TV's best and most tumultuous bromance. Rounding out the group, The Voice's original blonde beauty, Christina Aguilera, who is glowing after giving birth to her second child last summer.

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Since joining The Voice as a founding coach in 2011, Aguilera has sat beside the same combination of music superstars -- Adam, Blake and Cee Lo Green -- but now, the "Beautiful" singer has a new neighbor, and this slight seating shake-up has greatly altered the chemistry between the coaches.

The Blake v. Adam rivalry is still just as fierce as ever, but now that Pharrell has become a top coach choice for the talented singers, the Maroon 5 frontman has some serious competition when it comes to those coveted four-chair turns. Seeing Adam thrown off of his game is not only unexpected, it's also extremely amusing as his frustration grows throughout the night's two-hour premiere.


Christina is charmed by Pharrell's contestant-persuading pitches, which in turn encourages her to throw her support behind the music producer, and leads to some serious musical upsets throughout the premiere. Plus, Pharrell's passion when fighting for amazing singers also forces the other coaches to try new tactics to win over the contestants instead of solely relying on their tired bits from the past seasons. (Ex: Blake's little finger pointing thing and Adam's promise to take each and every singer to the finale.)

Additionally, since the chemistry between the judges is more dynamic than ever before, this allows for more spontaneous moments of genuinely great television. In this episode, fans will be treated to an impromptu collaboration between a judge and a no-chair contestant that will make you simultaneously cry and smile.

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To show you just how just how incredible this season's combination of coaches really is, ETonline has your sneak peek at the very first blind audition from the premiere. Take a look at the video above to see just how far these music superstars are willing to go to snag the top talent for their teams. 

The two-hour premiere of The Voice airs tonight at 8 p.m. on NBC.

For even more reasons to tune into The Voice, take a look at our video below for seven fun-facts you need to know before season 8 premieres!

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