'Once Upon a Time' Scoop: 6 Magical Thoughts We Had While Watching the Spring Premiere!


If you're a TV fan who knows what the terms CaptainSwan, the Dark One, and Storybrooke mean -- then stop whatever you're doing and pay attention.

After what seemed like an endless hiatus, we at ETonline just witnessed the next two (that's right, two!) all-new episodes of Once Upon a Time. We're not telling you this fact to make you jealous -- although our Twitter feeds are practically glowing green with envy! Instead, we want to give you a taste of all the magical goodness that is headed your way on Sunday, March. 1.

Before we post our super-mega spoiler-packed Once Upon a Time article on Friday, please enjoy these six tantalizing tid-bits of what's coming up for your favorite fairytale characters.

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1. Forbidden New Flashbacks: Right away fans will be transported back to the "forbidden fortress" to learn exactly how our beloved Queens of Darkness came together. (And if you're thinking Rumple might have hand a hand in this sinister sisterhood, then your assumptions are completely correct.) Plus, get ready to see just how persuasive Cruella De Vil can really be.

2. So Many CaptainSwan Kisses: Get ready Emma and Hook lovers because you will be beyond pleased with the amount of PDA packed into Sunday's premiere! Their looks of adoration will give you butterflies, and the opening credits are still rolling when you're treated to your first CaptainSwan kiss with coffee. It's clear that the past six weeks have been filled with many romantic moments.

3. Even Heroes Have Wicked Secrets: Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourselves because the Charmings are holding onto one of the darkest secrets we have ever seen on this series. Of course, we cannot spill exactly what our Charming couple is hiding, but take comfort in the fact that their dark secret means you'll be getting the more Snowing screen-time in these first two episode than we have in all of season four.

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4. Ladies Who Lunch: Sunday's all-new hour is jam-packed with amazing scenes, hilarious lines, and character twists, but our favorite interactions are definitely between Emma and Regina. (And trust us, there are a lot of them!) In one touching scene, Regina opens up about her relationship with Robin Hood and it's clear that Emma is hell-bent on getting her friend a happy ending. (And also a new bottle opener.)

5. Love is a Weapon: Those exact four words come to you courtesy of our new favorite Storybrooke friendship: Belle and Hook. Now before you start steering their 'ship, (We're calling them Hookelle, by the way,) keep in mind that this relationship is completely platonic. Belle still thinks about Rumple all the time, and often replays what she could've done differently in her mind. Perhaps her next relationship won't leave her wondering any more…

6. Getting to the Heart of the Matter: If you're an obsessed Once fan, (like us), then you know that a character's heart is very powerful part of their character. So when a new demon is unleashed whose sole purpose is to hunt down the heart with the darkest potential, let's just say it might not go after the usual Stroybrooke suspects. Sometimes the purest heart is the most susceptible to darkness.

For more Once Upon a Time secrets, check back to ETonline Friday morning to see if your Twitter questions will make it into our spoiler-rama post!

Once Upon a Time's spring premiere airs Sunday at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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