EXCLUSIVE: 'Weird Loners': Get to Know Becki Newton, Zachary Knighton & the Rest of the Quirky Cast!

Get to know some of the worst (and subsequently relatable) human beings you've ever seen on your screens.

In a mid-season line-up jam-packed with over-used laugh tracks and played-out sitcom storylines, Fox is giving fans a breath of fresh air with their new unromantic comedy Weird Loners.

The NYC-based series, which premeires Tuesday, March 31, features a sensational cast of fan favorites -- Becki Newton (Ugly Betty), Zachary Knighton (Happy Endings), and Nate Torrence (Hello Ladies) -- as well as small-screen's newest gem Meera Rohit Kumbani.

Each late-twenties/early-thirties something character brings a unique and fun twist to the definition of "weird," while simultaneously proving to be some of the worst (and subsequently most relatable) human beings you've ever seen on your screens.

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If you're like us and need a TV show comparison chart, think of Weird Loners as a series with the same quirkiness of New Girl, the character chemistry of Happy Endings, and the NYC-based unbelievabilty of Friends. (Come on y'all, no amount of taxis can hide the fact that you shoot in L.A.)

ETonline has your exclusive sneak peek of Weird Loners, and it will give you everything you need to know about the worth-a-watch new series. Press play on the video above to be introduced to "weirdly insecure" Caryn (Newton), "weirdly self-centered" Stosh (Knighton), "weirdly unemotional" Zara (Rohit Kumbani), and "just weird" Eric (Torrence).

Weird Loners premieres Tuesday, March 31 on Fox.