19 Burning Questions We Have After That Killer 'How to Get Away With Murder' Finale


If you think you can come into this post and not be massively spoiled on the How to Get Away With Murder finale, you would never make it in the Keating Five. Smarten up! We’re rehashing everything that went down in this post. So, again: SPOILERS. SPOILERS, SPOILERS, SPOILERS.

The finale answered many of our questions about the season -- Frank killed Lila! On Sam’s orders! -- but it left us with a billion more. Here are 19 that we absolutely need answered:

(And ABC confirmed in a post-show promo that they have renewed How to Get Away With Murder for a second season -- returning this fall! -- so hopefully we'll get at least some of these answers then.)


1. Who killed Rebecca?
Rebecca (Katie Findlay) seemingly managed to escape from the basement where she was tied up...only for Annalise (Viola Davis) to return to the cellar in the final moments of the episode, at which point we discovered Rebecca didn’t run off. She’s dead. How was she killed? Who found her body? Was it Frank (Charlie Weber)? How did he know where it was? And when did he tell Annalise?


2. What is “Eggs 911”?
While being held captive(ish) by the Keating Five, Rebecca sent a text to someone that said “Eggs 911. Lawyer’s House.” What does that mean?! And who is (215) 555-0183? And did they have anything to do with Rebecca’s murder?


3. Why did Frank owe Sam?
Or, what did Sam have on Frank? When Sam (Tom Verica) left Lila at Kappa the sorority house, he called someone from a payphone and said, “I need you to do what we talked about. You owe me.” We now know that was Frank. What debt did Frank have with his boss’ husband?

4. Does Annalise know Frank killed Lila?
We’re guessing no, but you never know with that one.

5. Does Bonnie know Frank killed Lila?
When Asher (Matt McGory) panics that Frank could tell Annalise he and Bonnie (Liza Weil) are sleeping together, Bonnie tells him, “I have personal knowledge of things he’s done that are way worse than what we’re doing.” Like all the students that Frank has slept with? Or something worse?


6. What’s going to happen with Bonnie and Asher now that everyone knows they’re “burying the bone”? 
At this point, only Annalise is still in the dark. And according to Asher, “She’s not just a hookup for me. It actually feels pretty real.”

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7. Will Asher ever find out about the murders?
How many times can Asher knock on the door and not realize that all his classmates are inside trying to get away with murder? If he does find out they killed Sam, will he be on their side? Or turn them in?


8. Why did the prosecutor target Asher?
Emily Sinclair (Sarah Burns), the prosecutor in Sam’s murder trial pays a late night visit to Asher’s house to ask him a few questions “about Annalise mostly, not that that should surprise you.” But why Asher? And what is Sinclair trying to prove?


9. Who is the lawyer that Nate called?
 When Annalise visited Nate (Billy Brown) in jail, she slipped him a piece of paper that said “FIRE YOUR LAWYER CALL 212-555-0192.” When Nate calls, he says the lawyer doesn’t know him. Who is it? And why does Annalise think he or she will be able to get Nate off?

10. And when is Nate going to GTFO of there?
DUDE, Annalise got you ARRESTED. She had you BEAT UP IN PRISON. You are being tried for a MURDER that she framed you for! Why are you still taking her calls? Is the sex THAT bomb?


11. Will Michaela turn on Laurel?
We finally found out where Michaela’s (Aja Naomi King) engagement ring went. She didn’t lose it in the woods -- it was in Connor’s car and Laurel (Karla Souza) held on to it as collateral to keep Michaela from going to the police. What repercussions will this have on the already rocky truce between the two sides of the Keating Five?

12. What’s Michaela’s cocktail of choice and can we buy her one?
Here’s the thing: You love you and we love you too. Cheers, baby.

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13. Is Annalise Wes’ mom? Or something?
It would be weird considering all those super comfortable sexual passes she seemed to make at him earlier this season, but you can’t convince us there’s not going to be a Shonda Rhimes-y reveal here that she's his long-lost mother. Or the aunt he didn't know he had. Or something. They can’t just be professor and student, right?

14. If not, what really happened to Wes’ mom?
According to Wes (Alfred Enoch), his mother committed suicide when he was 12. We have a feeling there’s a lot more to this story he isn’t telling us.

15. Who gave Oliver HIV?
And what does this mean for Oliver (Conrad Ricamora) and Connor (Jack Falahee)? Also, why did this happen to literally the only good person on this show? And right when he and Connor were starting to rekindle their romance?! That's brutal.


16. Where did Marcia Gay Harden go?
The very last time we saw Sam’s sister, Hannah Keating, was after Nate was arrested for her brother’s murder. At the police station, she told Annalise that Sam was dead because of her and that she “dragged him down into the gutter, just like everybody else in your life.” Are we to assume she just packed up and went home? Or will she be back?

17. How will they justify everyone being the same class for a third semester?
Maybe they’ll all enroll for “Criminology 201: How to Get Away With Murder Again”? Or will the show ditch the classroom aspect altogether in the second season?


18. When did Annalise start calling on other students?
The funniest part of the first half of the season was Annalise only called on the same five students in her class over and over. That is not a good professor! Give another student a chance! The writers must have heard, because now Professor Keating calls on a different rando every week. Nice to meet you, Miss Liebowitz.

19. How are they going to get away with this murder?
Seriously, how are they going to get away with this murder?

Now, find out how all the secrets on How to Get Away With Murder are kept:

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