Terrence Howard Explains His Oscar Teleprompter Flub


After the 2015 Academy Awards, we were left with a number of lingering questions. One of which was what exactly happened to Terrance Howard when he was presenting Best Picture nominee The Imitation Game?

During his time on stage, Howard appeared to either get very, very emotional talking about the British historical drama, or he had a pretty serious case of stage fright.

The Empire star addressed the awkward moment when he sat down with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show on Monday, where he said that the trouble came down to two things: overconfidence and improper attire.

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"First and foremost, I forgot to wear a belt that day," Howard told Fallon. "But I'm like, 'It's okay, my stomach will hold it up."

Already off his game when he took the stage, the cockiness took over. Unlike all the other celebrities who were reading off the teleprompter, Howard wanted to show them all up by memorizing his script.

"I get out there, and I'm breathing, and I got this memorized. I've worked 18 hours to work this out, I'm about to kill it," Howard recalls. "And then I get out there, and there's Oprah [in the audience]… there's Quest[love]."

Howard didn't fumble due to stage fright alone, he was also star struck!

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"I thought I had it together, and then I hit the microphone," he continued as Fallon laughed uncontrollably. "And I was like, 'Maybe nobody noticed.'"

Needless to say, people noticed, and Howard's strange behavior was one of the more talked-about moments of the night.

For more of the best, worst, and weirdest moments from this year's Oscars, check out the video below.

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