EXCLUSIVE! Norman Reedus Spills on Daryl's 'Wild Animal Mode' on 'The Walking Dead'

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It's time for another Walking Dead season update from Norman Reedus -- aka everyone's favorite crossbow-wielding badass, Daryl Dixon.

Before season five of smash AMC series premiered, Reddus promised ETonine that this year's zombie-fueled arc would be a "crazy" and "emotional" rollercoaster ride. Now we've left the cannibalistic horrors of Terminus in the past, and have safely moved in the suspiciously serene community in Alexandria, could things finally start to look up?

Of course not – this is still a post-apocalyptic world, people!

"You take a bunch of wild animals and you put 'em in a cage -- no matter what it looks like -- it's very uncomfortable," Reedus spilled to ETonline of the upcoming conflicts in Alexandria.

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Since Rick (Andrew Lincoln) shocked us all last week with his clean-shaven transformation, many fans are wondering if Daryl's Alexandria make-over will happen in this Sunday's episode. "I don’t know, come on get off my back," Reedus said with a laugh when we suggested Daryl should take a shower. "'Cut your hair, take a shower.' You know, I'm kind of in wild animal mode right now. I'm a dude, I like being filthy and covered in guts and blood."

Speaking of blood and guts, Reedus revealed that the now-infamous opossum-skinning scene in last week's hour was a metaphor for Daryl's current emotional state. "You know there was a scene in last Sunday's episode where everyone is getting cleaned up and stuff and Daryl kills that opossum and he takes the guts and he just throws it on their nice porch?" Reedus said. "That's kind of where his head is at right now."

"I mean I think some of our group is really looking forward to being there, and some our group is not really into it," the actor said while pointing to himself. "I don’t know if Daryl would've hung out in that town before the zombie apocalypse."

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As we move closer and closer to the season five finale, Reedus warned that fans need to play close attention to each and every character in Alexandria. "The whole back half of our season is so good," he teased. "There's something that's going to happen -- and I can't tell you what it is -- but somebody turns out to be not who you think they are, and it's an interesting turn of events."

For more scoop on what's coming up on The Walking Dead, and to learn the secrets behind one of this season's most disgusting scenes, take a look at our full interview with Reedus above.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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