We Need to Discuss Lena Dunham's 'Scandal' Wig


We might need to get Olivia Pope on a new case.

As we all know and are eagerly awaiting, Girls star and known Gladiator Lena Dunham will join Kerry Washington on an upcoming episode of Scandal. This is very exciting news. We love Lena Dunham, and we love Scandal. We just have one question:

What's up with that wig?

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Dunham is gorgeous, but the straight-haired, heavily-banged auburn head-topper looks a little... awkward.

It's got to be part of the episode how strange it looks.... right?


Right, Kerry Washington?

... Right, Lena Dunham?

Can someone please explain this to us?

Alright. We'll try not to wig out about it.

Lena Dunham's Scandal episode airs Thursday, March 19.

Watch Lena Dunham address rumors Taylor Swift will guest star on Girls below.