'Looking' Love Triangle: Find Out the Fate of Your Favorite Couples!

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The sophomore season of HBO’s Looking was jam-packed with awkward moments, complicated twists and unexpected love connections. With only three episodes left until the season two finale, ETonline caught up with the cast to find out what’s next for love lives of the San Francisco gang.

No one has been more eager to find his one true love than puppy dog Patrick, (we want him with somebody special too, dammit!) and yet, he has arguably been the most unlucky bachelor of the bunch since season one. From starting off offensively single, to getting caught in a love triangle with the adorable Richie (Raul Castillo) and his hot boss Kevin (Russell Tovey), and transitioning into a full blown love affair with Kevin -- Patrick’s relationship status has been a hot mess.

Things took an interesting turn last week when Kevin expressed his commitment to Patrick and left his husband. So, how will this all play out for our beloved Patty?

"At the end of season two -- without spoiling anything -- we find him sort of asking in a deeper way, ‘What am I looking for? What do I really want?’" star Jonathan Groff says. "’What can I live with? What can't I live with when it comes to having a relationship?’ And it gets pretty intense."

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While it appears Patrick's ex Richie has moved on with "truvata whore" Brady, Castillo coyly hints that this may not be the end of the Patrick-Richie romance saga. "I think some people want Richie to be back with Patrick, I think some people are excited about Richie and Brady," he says. "I love that people are passionate either way." Castillo confessed it's a "mixed bag" when it comes to whether fans hope Patrick ends up with Richie.

As fun (and altogether excruciating) it has been to watch the love triangles play out, it's been even more satisfying to follow Looking's newest adorable couple: Agustin (Frankie J. Alvarez) and Eddie (Mean Girls' Daniel Franzese).

Franzse, who joined the cast this season as the lovable, sassy bear who is also HIV-positive, says that the unlikely romance has been exactly what the pair have needed. "In the beginning of the season, we see that Eddie Bear might have been exactly what Agustin has needed," Franzese says. "But now as we get to the end perhaps Agustin is somebody that will put up with Eddie's stuff too, because Eddie's got a lot of baggage and I think you just need matching luggage."

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"It's been a beautiful turn of events for him," Alvarez says of Agustin's own evolution. "Everybody has their issues and he's got a job now and a beautiful man that he really cares about."

But don't bank on a perfect fairy tale ending for Agustin and Eddie -- this is Looking after all, and the characters are as flawed and complicated as anyone else looking for love. "There's absolutely a chance [Agustin] could screw it all up," Alvarez says. "[This Sunday's episode] is a pivotal moment for their relationship," he teases. "It's going to be huge."

While things may or may not play out as expected, Alvarez explains, "He's learning and hopefully he'll continue to learn and honestly hopefully he continue to make mistakes".

Watch the full video above to find out what is in store for Dom (Murray Bartlett) and Doris (Lauren Weedman) the rest of season two.

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