Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff Reveal How They'll Beat the 'Bachelor' Break-Up Curse!

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These past 24-hours have been a complete whirlwind for all the Bachelor fans out there!

From finding out that Chris Soules asked Whitney Bischoff to marry him (she said yes, natch), to learning about the shocking double Bachelorette twist, and confirming the news that Prince Farming will be moving and grooving on this season of Dancing With the Stars -- it's been one Bachelor bombshell after another.

But wait, there's more!

Entertainment Tonight caught up with the newly engaged couple to get the scoop on the date of their upcoming wedding, which famous friends will be in attendance, and if they're worried about their love surviving the Bachelor break-up curse.

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"I think that it is important to not focus on that and to focus on us as a couple," Bischoff said of the fact that only six couples are still together out of the 28 seasons of the two Bachelor series.

"I know that we both are really excited about where we are headed and came into this really wanting to find love and to find a spouse." The 29-year-old beauty added, "For me it is just important to stay focused on that and kind of block all of that outside noise."

Soules said that he is confident that his relationship with Bischoff's will stand the test of time. "We didn't go on this show for anything but for finding someone and our number one focus now is to continue that relationship that we developed on the show," he said. "I wouldn't have gone on if I would have looked at the past… It is about us and that is all we are focused on."

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On Monday's season finale, Soules proposed to Bischoff with a gorgeous four-carat Neil Lane engagement ring. And although the happy couple mentioned many times that they are ready to "start making babies," it doesn't look like Bischoff will be walking down the aisle anytime in the near future.

"We haven't set a date," the 33-year-old Iowa native revealed just hours after the couple's first public appearance together.

Despite the fact that a wedding date has not been set, the twosome already knows one famous friend who is looking to crash the ceremony: Jimmy Kimmel. "He may say our vows, actually," Soules said before breaking into laughter at the thought of Kimmel officiating their wedding.

Hmm, we wonder if Kimmel's engagement gift – a dairy cow named Juan Pablo -- will somehow make it into ceremony as well. Rumor has it, that cow has yet to arrive in Arlington…

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