EXCLUSIVE: 'Pretty Little Liars' Boss Drops Major 'A' Clues - 'You May See Double!'

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Who is 'A'?

It's the biggest question on the small screen, and as we approach Pretty Little Liars' season five finale, fans will finally receive the answer we've been waiting half a decade for.

To help pass the time until the "Big 'A' Reveal," we've discovered new details about 'A's ulterior motives, and why the upcoming finale marks the "beginning of the end" for our five liars.

Plus, could the infamous twin theory apply to one of our favorite Rosewood residents? ETonline has the exclusive 'A' scoop straight from the keeper of all the pretty little secrets, executive producer Marlene King.

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When we last caught up with the PLL showrunner, King confessed that only one person on social media had ever correctly guessed the elusive identity of 'A.' Now as we get closer and closer to the "Big A Reveal," King revealed that many more fans have discovered the truth of who 'A' is, just not the why.

"I will say yes, there has been more than one person who has identified 'A', but for all the wrong reasons," King explained.

Not to worry, little liars! 'A's identity will be revealed in season five's highly anticipated finale, airing March 24 on ABC Family, and King promised that the heart-pounding hour is finally going to give you answers to the questions we've been asking for years.

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"Our fans have been so loyal, and so passionate, and so supportive, and we want them to know that I consider this season to be the beginning of the end of this story," King said. "It has been an epic journey, but we are on a path now that is going to lead you to the identity of 'A' sooner than later, and we are going to give you bigger and bigger clues as we go along."

As we move into the finale, the executive producer spilled that 'A's plans are even more twisted than we could have ever imagined. "Season five really is about 'A' wanting to punish all the pretty little liars," she said.

"Alison is behind bars. Alison is rotting away in that orange jumpsuit, but 'A' is not happy just to have one little liar there – 'A' wants them all there," King continued. "So the question is: Who's going to win? Will there be one orange jumpsuit by the end of season five, or will there be five orange jumpsuits?"

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Ever since Pretty Little Liars first premiered, fans have been desperate to know if Courtney DiLaurentis -- Ali's identical twin sister from the books -- would also be appearing on the show as 'A'. Now in a shocking revelation, King has spilled to ETonline that a different "twin theory" could be the secret to 'A's identity.

"There is a reason why we keep dropping these not-so-subtle clues about the twins, so I would say wait for it," King teased with a sly smile. "Wait for it. You're not going to see Courtney, but you may see double of someone."

Okay, who else is freaking out right now?!

Pretty Little Liars
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Do you think 'A' could be a twin of one of our beloved Rosewood residents? What are your latest 'A' theories? Shout out your thoughts to your fellow PLL fan @LeanneAguilera on Twitter!

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