Ellen DeGeneres Is About to Change TV Again With 'One Big Happy'


Nearly 18 years ago, Ellen DeGeneres made television history when she announced on her sitcom that she was gay. Now, the queen of daytime is about to change the landscape again with the new NBC comedy One Big Happy.

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Ellen executive produces the show, which follows the unconventional family of Lizzy (Elisha Cuthbert), Luke (Nick Zano) and Prudence (Kelly Brook). Lizzy, who is a lesbian, wants to raise a child with Luke by her side. Lizzy discovers she's pregnant just after Luke elopes with a free-spirited British girl (Prudence) -- and with that a new kind of family is born.

"It's a really funny show that people will love," Ellen said.

According to Kelly, Ellen is wearing multiple hats behind the scenes of the show, including warm-up comic.

"She comes on set and she warms the crowd up before we go on, which sometimes is stressful because she's so funny then we have to go up next," Kelly told ET.

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Coincidentally, Ellen and Elisha have a history, as Elisha's character on Happy Endings imitated Ellen's famous dance moves on the ABC comedy. This put added pressure on Elisha at the Television Critics Association press tour in January.

"The fact that it got brought up today and that I had to do it in front of her and do her impersonation was scary," Elisha told ET. "Underneath my makeup I was blushing real hard."

One Big Happy debuts on NBC tonight at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT.

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