11 Reasons Why We Want a Best Friend Like Abbi and Ilana on 'Broad City'

Comedy Central

Tonight is another new episode of Broad City! Yaaas queen, yas! Tonight is also Broad City’s season finale. Nooo, queen, no! If you’re not watching the funniest show on Comedy Central -- nay, the funniest show on all of TV -- consider this a much-needed primer to the best best friendship ever:

BFF goal: Abbi Abrams (aka Abbi Jacobson) and Ilana Wexler (Ilana Glazer).

1. So why do we want a best friend like Abbi or Ilana? First of all, because they ARE best friends and they know it:

2. Because they’re there for each other when they need it most:

3. Because they make each other feel good about their best ass-ets:

4. Because they have shared interests:

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5. And because they take an interest in the each other’s interests:

6. Because they can basically read each other’s minds:

7. And because they still always find a way to surprise each other:

8. Because they encourage each other to follow their dreams:

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9. And because they always know when to agree to disagree:

10. Because of how much they love each other (one maybe more than the other):

11. And because they’re together until the end. Literally:


Plus, check out what Jacobson told ET about tonight’s season finale and find out who her dream guest star is next season: