'Pretty Little Liars' Postmortem: Marlene King Talks 'A's Shocking Secret and [SPOILER]'s Return!

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WARNING: We’re about the reveal the most insane twists and adrenaline-pumping turns from Pretty Little Liars season five finale. If you do not want to know about the episode's biggest secrets leave now. For everyone else, welcome to 'A's dollhouse…

What the %&*#?!

That was the most insane, episode Pretty Little Liars has ever given us! While you're at home hyperventilating, ETonline is here to recap what you need to know, and fill in the blanks with exclusive scoop from PLL executive producer Marlene King.

Here are three most mind-blowing, jaw-dropping and heart-stopping revelations you need to know from Tuesday night's shocking hour of PLL:

1. Welcome to the Dollhouse: 'A' kidnapped – or should we say doll-napped – the Liars while they were en route to the prison and locked them away in an unescapable dollhouse filled with exact replicas of their bedrooms and cameras in every corner.

2. Mona is Still Alive: We at ETonline had a huge hunch that we had not seen the last of Ms. Vanderwaal and it looks like we totally called it! Not only is Mona alive, 'A' tried to brainwash Rosewood's biggest genius into thinking that she is Alison DiLaurentis – blonde hair, yellow-ruffled shirt and all!

3. 'A's Name is Charles: Spencer unscrambled 'A's blocks to reveal that the name of their text-message-tormentor is Charles. And we think it's safe to say that 'A's full name is Charles DiLaurentis. At the end of the hour, Spencer found one of 'A's home movies that showed Mrs. DiLaurentis with two little boys (who could potentially be twins!) and a baby Ali playing together. This revelation leads us to believe that 'A' -- aka Charles -- is Jason and Ali DiLaurentis' brother!

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Still in shock? Have more questions? Keep reading for exclusive scoop from executive producer Marlene King on all the 'A' answers you are looking for!

How long has this 'A' been tormenting the Liars?
MK: Well Mona says that when she was in Radley, this 'A' stole the game from her. She was playing the game with this 'A' but then this 'A' stole the game from her. So if we believe what Mona said -- and I am currently believing that -- then this 'A' stole the game from Mona, starting at the beginning of season three.

From a behind-the-scenes standpoint, how long have you in the writers' room know that "Charles" would be 'A'?
MK: We started when we knew that we were going to give the fans the identity of Original A, which [is what] I call Mona, "Original A." It was before we started writing the scripts for that. We had three or four ideas of who we thought would be a great candidate to steal the game as 'A' from Mona, and then vey early on in season three we decided who that character is.

We had all different types of mysterious characters in rosewood: Red Coat, Black Widow, etc. Are we going to be getting answers soon as to who was hiding in each of these disguises?
MK: Yes, absolutely, Yes. The finale and the next 10 episodes answer every single one of those questions.

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You always told us that you love the why behind 'A' so much more than the who -- when can fans look forward to getting the answers why?
MK: All throughout season six, every episode of season six shores up what we learn about in this finale.

Could fans go back and see that you have been dropping clues about 'A's identity since the beginning?
MK: Yeah I think when fans go back after they know the identity and the story, I think they'll see a lot that they didn’t see before they understood the who and the why of it all.

Now that the finale is over, what is the think you want to tell the fans to keep them hooked until Season 6?
I'm sorry you have to wait until June -- I'm really really sorry. I wish we could show you the next episode right now. We're so excited about it. All the girls came in early this year to talk about it because they’re so excited about this finale and where the story is going. I'm sorry that we have to wait; I really am because I can't wait for these next ten episodes to unfold.

Pretty Little Liars' sixth season premieres in June on ABC Family.

What did you think of tonight's Big A Reveal in the PLL finale? Are you shocked that Mona is still alive? Sound off in the comments below or chat with @LeanneAguilera on Twitter!

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