'The Walking Dead' Spin-Off Releases First Ominous Teaser


Were you exited for a tense, zombie-filled teaser for the new TheWalking Dead spin-off,Fear the Walking Dead?

Well, this 16-second promo is less about the undead as it features slow, panning shots of Los Angeles set to the sound of a radio newscast talking about a mysterious new virus spreading through the city while reminding residents to get their flu shots.

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But at least it does have a creepy shot of a shadowy red tunnel with a shuffling figure at the end, so we got to see something close to a zombie!

If you took off the spooky end of the teaser and switched out the audio for an upbeat Iggy Pop song, you'd have a L.A. tourism ad -- but the teaser still has us pumped for the new series.

Fear the Walking Dead takes place in the days prior to Rick waking up in the hospital five seasons ago, and this teaser expertly conveys the dread of people not yet knowing anything about this "strange virus" reported in five states.

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But just as a heads up: That flu shot probably isn't going to help -- because of the zombies.

For more Walking Dead fun, check out our interview with fan-favorite Norman Reedus in the video below.

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