On Set With 'Weird Loners': A Fresh Twist on the Classic TV Troupe!

You new favorite comedy is finally here!

You new favorite comedy is finally here!

Fox's "un-romantic comedy" Weird Loners premieres tonight at 9:30 p.m. and it's bringing a fresh twist to the classic TV plot of friends living together with their unique and mufti-faceted characters. 

ETonline hit the set of Weird Loners to chat with the quirky cast -- Becki Newton, Zachary Knighton, Meera Rohit Kumbani, and Nate Torrence -- and bring you the inside scoop on why this series is one to watch.

"My favorite kind of comedy comes from really uncomfortable awkward situations -- and this show is full of them," Newton said of the NYC-based comedy.

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If you're like us and need a TV show comparison chart, think of Weird Loners as a series with the same quirkiness of New Girl, the character chemistry of Happy Endings, and the NYC-based unbelievabilty of Friends. (Come on y'all, no amount of taxis can hide the fact that you shoot in L.A.)

But if you're expecting to see a regurgitation of characters from Happy Endings, Ugly Betty and the rest of the cast's collective resumes -- think again.


"I've played a lot of drunk, promiscuous, strippery characters," the Newton laughed when explaining the difference between her past characters and her Weird Loners alter ego, Caryn. "This is like a girl looking for love and desperate, desperately wants it to the point that she offends everyone around her."

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Like his co-star, Knighton revealed that his character, Stosh, is nothing like his Happy Endings' Dave. "I play the is guy who 's kind of slick and I almost would call him a con-man," he explained. "He's kind of relationship phobic but somehow with all that I still have to make him sort of likeable so it's been a fun challenge."

Take a look at our full interviews with the stars above to find out more about Caryn, Stosh, Zara (Rohit Kumbani) and Eric (Torrence) and why these "weird loners" will be your new obsession.

Weird Loners premieres tonight at 9:30 p.m. on Fox.