Watch Jon Snow Attempt Small Talk at Seth Meyers' Dinner Party


Spring is here but Jon Snow can't stop talking about winter.

Spring is here but Jon Snow can't stop talking about winter.

The Game of Thrones character, played by the sexy Kit Harington, gets invited to a dinner party thrown by Late Night host Seth Meyers, but has some trouble making small talk with the other dinner guests.

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When one party goer -- 30 Rock's John Lutz to be exact! -- calls out the lovely spring weather, Jon Snow can't help but proclaim, "Winter is coming."

It quickly becomes clear that the Night's Watch warrior's chit-chat is different than his peers, to say the least. "The snow will fall 100 feet deep," he spouts as the rest of the guests awkwardly sip their wine. "The ice wind'll howl out the North, the sun hides its face for years and little children will all be born and die in the darkness."

Making light of things, Lutz quips, "So much for global warming."

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Snow is quite a Chatty Cathy at the dinner party. He goes on to explain White Walkers and ice spiders and reveal that his father, Ned Stark, was beheaded.

Meyers has a talk with his eccentric dinner guest -- who he claims he met at CrossFit -- about his dinner conversation ...but will it help? "The Brussels sprouts are amazing," Snow compliments.

That's a start!