'Lip Sync Battle' Renewed for 20 More Episodes: Check Out the 7 Best Performances So Far!

Spike TV

Spike TV's hit original series is coming back for more!

Can’t get enough of your favorite celebs duking it out on Lip Sync Battle? Fear not, the Spike TV hit has been renewed for twenty more episodes!

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The competition show, which pits celebrities against in each other in a lip sync showdown, has become Spike’s most watched original series in the network’s history. The show is hosted by LL Cool J and features supermodel Chrissy Teigen as the show’s resident bartender/cheerleader.

Prepare yourself for even more lip syncing goodness by re-living the seven best performances on the show so far.

7. The Houghs’ Sibling Rivalry

You’ve seen them compete against each other on Dancing With the Stars, but watching Derek and Julianne square off while lip syncing to Sia’s "Chandelier" and The Lonely Island’s "I Just Had Sex" is a world away from their polished choreography.

6. Jimmy Fallon Says a Prayer

Fallon made the lip sync battle a social media phenomenon when he started the sketch on the Tonight Show, so it’s no surprise that he pulls out all the stops for his performance, enlisting a full choir for his rendition of Madonna’s "Like a Prayer."

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5. John Legend Can’t Touch This

We know Common held his own during his duel with fellow Oscar winner John Legend, but we’re still not sure how he came out on top after Legend’s spot-on MC Hammer impersonation.

4. Anna Kendrick Steals John Krasinski’s Girl

Krasinski starts this battle off strong with a well-choreographed performance of "Bye Bye Bye," but Kendrick makes it personal when she croons One Direction’s "Steal My Girl," covering the stage (and her T-shirt) with images of Krasinski’s wife, Emily Blunt.

3. The Rock Shakes it Off

Watching Dwayne Johnson totally ace Taylor Swift’s hit single "Shake It Off" is an absolute delight, especially when he even nails her little giggle in the first verse.

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2. Anne Hathaway Comes in Like a Wrecking Ball

Emily Blunt thinks she’s got a leg up in her battle with Anne Hathaway, until her Devil Wear Prada co-star breaks out a literal wrecking ball, bowling over the competiion.

1. John Krasinski is "Proud" in Sparkles

Krasinski got back at Kendrick when he stripped off his suit to reveal a sequined minidress and choreography that would make Tina Turner proud. He may have ultimately lost the battle, but he’s forever won the number one spot in our hearts.

Lip Sync Battle airs Thursdays at 10/9c on Spike TV.

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